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Finally someone who loves potato shooting as much as i do!!!!

Well, i figured as this was a potato shooting community i'd have to do an application to be a member, so here it is!

Name: Tilly "THEE potato shooting Meister" H
Hobbies: I absolutely LOVE potato shooting, cooking potatoes . . . eating potatoes . . . Growing potatoes . . . Watching potatoes . . .
Favourite things: Mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes, roast potatoes, jacket potatoes, potatoes with cheese, potatoes with beans, potato fitters, potatoes chip stylee. Potatoes in general really.
Why you should join this comunity: Potatoes are my life, i just love them. And this is like the first EVER potato shooting community and its just like so exciting, and i just KNOW i would be a credit to this community if you made me a member.
Any final comments: POTATOES ROCK MY SOCKS!!!
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omg, potatoes rock my socks too!
*giggles uncontrolably* really did make me laugh out load there till! finally a community where we can celebrate our passion for such an interesting and beautiful pastime!
woo!!! And its all down to you for setting the whole thing up!!! How can we ever re-pay you?
in potatoes, how else!